RoboCalls.Cash Product Review…

A Good Friend of mine is considering purchasing a “Turn RoboCalls into Cash” product…

So here it goes my Product Review of RoboCalls.Cash…


RoboCalls.Cash was created by Staunch Consumer advocate Doc Compton. This program was designed for consumers who have been registered with the Do Not Call Registry, for at least 30 days to legally demand financial compensation for the violation of federal Do Not Call Congressional law.



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    • I think RoboCalls.Cash is a reputable company with solid consumer information designed to hold robocallers and telemarketers accountable for their actions, in the form of (cash $$$ money) for you…complete with printable legal forms necessary to force those companies to comply with the law that Congress passed…requiring that the company in violation must pay the consumer (you) $(500) for each call up to ($5000) for repeat offendersfor success with this program.

    • Hello, Sorry for the delay in responding to your question!!
      In my opinion, Robocalls.cash is a reputable Company…that provides a very specific and reputable product. This is really a straight forward system. Once your phone number has been on the (DNC) registry for more than than 30 days…you can send out your legally binding demand for compensation letters to the appropriate corporate adtesses…that are behind the phone numbers that are blowing up your phone…everyday, all day!! They are required by U.S. law to compensate you…a minimum of ($500) per violation!! All that’s really required by you is a willingness to research each company associated with each phone number that you receive…Then simply send out the appropriate demand letters.

      Thank you for your question and interest…have a wonderful day!!

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