Making Money Online…has never been easier!!

How to Make Money Online

Today, Iam going to be discussing with you, the Best Way to Make Real Money Online, in today’s world.

But before I begin, I would like to provide you with a little background on my personal journey, in struggling to make any real money online, at all…

I began attempting to make a full-time income online way back in 2005…

During those days it was like the wild-west…tons of make money online scams were being produced in re-packaged titles and systems…

Many of which I purchased:(

These were largely, affiliate marketing programs and systems…promising untold-Riches, Seemingly Overnight!!

The truth of the matter was, that all of these systems and programs, were very incomplete How to Make Money Online Products…

That were being created by the so-called GURUS of the day…and all of them we’re associated with heavily-promoted product launches!!

These GURUS made Millions of dollars every year and didn’t care that they were, in fact Ripping-Off, Hard-working, Honest People…

Who just wanted to learn an honest way to make additional money online each and every month!!

I remember getting so frustrated at not having enough information to actually build my own website…

And having to teach myself HTML…and CSS…just to build an average looking website…

But I kept persevering and eventually learned a formula that worked for me!!

I eventually learned how to build my first successful Niche Website…around an affiliate product that I actually believed in…and made a little money along the way!!

Bringing me to where Iam at today…

Making a Full-Time income online!!

By Building Niche specific Websites and promoting affiliate products through these sites…

Now, I want to show you just how easy it really is to make money online today!!

I want to introduce you to a top-notch affiliate marketing platform…that has helped thousands of people just like you and me…make real money online!!

This Awesome Affiliate Marketing and Training Platform is called Wealthy Affiliate!!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I have created a thorough Wealthy Affiliate Product Review…

You can read it here!!

Wealthy Affiliate was created by two really genuine and ethical people, named (Kyle) and (Carson).

Wealthy Affiliate was developed, with the Affiliate Marketing Beginner in mind…

and features a user-based community, with State of the Art, (over-the-shoulder) Video Training…

designed to take a Complete Beginner by the hand and guide them through the process of Creating a Successful Niche Website, which over a relatively short period of time will earn them steady income each and every month!!

There is an Excellent Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Program, which has over (40) Training- tutorials on how to develop your very own, highly-lucrative, Niche Website Business!!

There’s also a fantastic Affiliate Bootcamp Course, designed to show you the best strategies for promoting your very own Wealthy Affiliate promotional site…

There’s also additional training provided by the community members…along with (24/7) Customer Support!!

Wealthy Affiliate has a very helpful and friendly community, who you can reach out to anytime for help along the way!!

You can even purchase and host, up to (25) websites at WA, as a premium member, at No additional cost!!

They do all of the background, (techie-stuff), which ensures that your New Niche Website is being constantly updated and protected, while being indexed in Google for an increase in overall rankings…

Wealthy Affiliate also features a great free keyword tool and provides a paid keyword tool, as well…called Jaaxy!!

(Jaaxy) is a fantastic Keyword-tool, that really helps you isolate those low-competition, high-traffic, (keywords)…that will ensure Successful Campaign Creation.

I purchase all of my domains and host all of my websites at Wealthy Affiliate…

This is a Proven, Highly-Ethical, Affiliate-Marketing System, which benefit the Beginner and the Experienced affiliate-marketer…alike!!

Once I have created (1) Successful Money Making Niche Website at (WA), I begin the process all over again…simply, Rinse and Repeat!!

Niche Website

I do so until I have more than (10) Successful Niche Websites generating me a Full-Time Income from the comfort of my own home…

With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, virtually anyone can create sustainable online wealth, within a relatively short period of time!!

Do keep in mind however, that it does take a little more time to achieve this level of successs for a complete beginner, who will have to digest the additional training, than it will for a seasoned veteran!!

But in the end, anyone who (takes-action), and implements the strategies and techniques taught at (WA), will be well on there way to creating a Successful Online Business!!

So, now the Big Question???

What does all of this neat stuff cost??

Wealthy Affiliate is Completely FREE to get started…you get to test drive the entire system FREE for (30) days…

You can build (2) Niche Websites absolutely, Free!!

If you like what you see…then simply upgrade to a Premium Member, where you will pay ($47) per Month, which gives you access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate System!!

That’s it!!…No annoying Up-Sells…only ($47) per month and you’ll be given full-access to all of the training, amazing (24/7) customer support and (domain registry/hosting), for up to (25) Niche Websites!!

The amazing value that you get with (WA) program, is well worth the ($47) per month fee…

If you don’t like what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, simply cancel within the (90) days and receive a Full, No questions asked Refund!!

(WA), is truly a one-stop shop for building a Successful online Business!!

Whether you’ve tried to make money online before and have failed or you’re a complete beginner, who has a strong desire to build your own online Business…

Wealthy Affiliate is the only System I recommend!!

Make Money Online Today

To get started, simply…

Click Here

So what are you waiting for??

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try today…believe me when I say that you’ll be Very Glad you did!!

Please keep in touch with me and let me know how you’re progressing…and remember, I’m always here to help!!

Please leave any comments or questions you may have below…

I always respond, within (24) hrs.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck !!





  1. HI Florence,
    This is a great site. I am very inspired by your decision to work online full time and make a decent income from this also.
    How do you find enough hours in the day to manage more than 10 websites?
    Where do you stand on using paid advertising to promote your websites?
    Thanks for your help, Kris

    • Hello Kris, and Thank-You for your kind comments. I tend to have a lot of free time on my hands, now that I’m retired.

      So I decided to put that spare time to good use!!

      I build out Niche Websites with relevant content and imagery…

      I love it!!

      I enjoy engaging with others about a particular (Niche) My sites all focus on a particular (Niche) that I’m very interested in…or have some degree of knowledge about.

      I then integrate affiliate promotions, within my content…and make a few dollars along the way!!

      My primary goal is to provide Quality Content for my readers…

      And, hopefully adding some value to my content.

      I prefer to start using paid promotional techniques after I have (20) solid posts/pages in place.

      I like to create (PPC) campaigns, at Bing-ads and 7search…in conjunction with other paid promotional efforts, such as (Solo-ads) and (E-zine) article creation.

      I also rely heavily on huge Twitter-Volume, along with Free-ad campaigns…

      I also promote each site locally on (Craigslist, Offer-Up) and (5mile ).

      All of these techniques used in conjunction, generate a nice passive revenue stream, which increases over time.

      I read your (bio-snipet)…I’m jeaulous!!

      You have a wonderful family…

      Thank again for your comments…

      Wishing you the very best!!

      Be safe in your travels, will talk soon!!


  2. I setup a few sites many years ago. I did try to monetise one of them but that failed miserably. I particularly didn’t like learning the code. I spent quite a lot of time researching that to make my site look good.

    I want a simple option and Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great option. I like how it is free for 30 days. I will have to try that out and see if that is for me. So thank you for this post. It has been most helpful.

    • Hello and Thank You for your kind comment!! I’m glad you’re giving affiliate-marketing another try…

      What’s nice about Building Niche websites now a days…is that you don’t even have to know any (complex-computer-code). Because, with the WordPress text editor, you can easily create your (pages/posts) in plain English or any other (country-respective-language).

      Wealthy Affiliate is really the best option for creating successful Niche Websites. There is absolutely tons of (top-quality) training available at WA, and when this training is implemented correctly in your Niche Site…POW!! That’s when things really begin to explode and your conversions start to sky-rocket!!

      Thanks again for taking the time to visit makemoneyonlinepatrol.com

      Please feel free to reach out to me anytime…I’m always here to help…and I want to hear about all of your future, online Success!!

      Have a wonderful day:)


  3. I’m very interested in this Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Program you mention that the wealthy affiliate have on offer – is this the free option? Or do you have to pay for this module? I need hep with my pet food blog and I feel these guys could be the way to turn…

    • Hello, and sorry for the delay in responding…Yes the Certification course work is (Free), for the first (30) days. In fact, all of the training here at WA is FREE.

      If you like what you’ve learned after the (30) days you can upgrade to (Premium-Membership) for ($47) per month or just ($359) for an annual membership!

      I truly believe that WA over delivers in their commitment to providing top-notch, quality training tools to get anyone up an running with a successful Niche Website!

      Wealthy Affiliate has great value…the small nominal fee is worth it!!

      Again, thank you for your comment…and please feel free to reach out to me anytime! I’m always here to help!

      Have a wonderful day:)



  4. What a wonderful review about Wealthy affiliate friend, just like yourself, though I’m a newbie, I have always loved to build my own online business, however as you mentioned, because of scammers online who are ever ready to con you, I have always been skeptical about starting this online business I have been dreaming of.

    I was happy to hear you mentioned of the fact that I can build my own business website on your recommended platform, Wealthy affiliate. I like the fact that I can even try their platform for free, in this way, I have absolutely nothing to loose at all.

    Since you mentioned that they have 24/7 community support, I am going to sign up now for free and join their platform.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great and valuable information with me.

    • Hello and Thank You for your kind words!! I’m very happy that you decided to give WA a try and Sign-up for Free, believe me when I say, that you’ll be Glad you did!! Please feel Free to reach out to me anytime…I really enjoy working with others, here at WA…Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!



    • Hello and Thank You for the kind words…I really feel that Wealthy Affiliate is the best Niche Website Platform around. It’s your one-stop-shop for all of your web development needs. It has the best over-the-shoulder video tutorials that take you step-by-step in the entire Niche Website creation process! Wealthy Affiliate also offers Top-notch customer support…from their massive WA Community, Q&A to direct, private Q&A sessions with other members…also direct support ticket submission, with Super Fast response time available. I wish you luck and Good Fortune with all of your online endeavor’s..


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