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For those of you who may be brand-new to affiliate marketing…and are not quite sure what (PPC) is or how it works…here’s a brief overview…

PPC is an acronym, which stands for (Paid Per Click) averting. PPC advertising is a very valuable tool in the affiliate marketers arsenal.

How it works:

The PPC advertising process, is quite simple really…

Pay per click process

You’re paying to drive traffic to whatever link that you would like, almost always an affiliate-link of some sort.

You then build (PPC) campaigns around selected (keywords), which cost you a certain dollar amount when (clicked) on…hence the term (PPC) advertising.

The price per (keyword-click), is determined by how much traffic a specific keyword is getting.

The higher the traffic, the higher the cost!!

Once you have chosen the keywords for your campaign, you then write a small ad and place the desired link that you would like to send your (keyword-traffic) to and that’s it…

The (PPC) Network, that you’re using will track this campaign and bill you for any charges that occur from someone (clicking) on your ad.

Now the goal for us here, is to (minimize) the costs associated with any PPC campaign, which we create.

I first analyze the keyword traffic and costs that I’m building my campaign around. Depending on my Niche…It not cost too much to select one of the big (3) Search engine PPC ad Networks, which are…

Google-Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo…

Google is a little pricey for my liking. Especially in a very competitive Niche, like this one…

The (how to make money online) Niche, is a great example of a very (high-cost- per- keyword) Niche, as it relates to PPC advertising.

If, you find that you’re in a very competitive, (high cost per keyword Niche), there are still some very good (2nd) and (3rd) tier PPC networks that you can leverage.

I personally use (7search) advertising as a great (2nd) tier PPC advertising alternative…your same keyword (costs-per-clicks) are greatly discounted for very competitive Niches…

7search ppc advertising


I may only pay ($1.05) per click for a very competitive keyword, like (how to make money online)…where the same keyword may cost me up to ($5) at Google Adwords, ($3 to $4) at Bing and Yahoo…

So, by building and deploying (PPC) campaigns on multiple (2nd) and (3rd) tier search engine (PPC) ad Networks…I can minimize my (ad-costs), while MAXIMIZING my (ad-exposure)…

Thus, earning me the greatest return on my advertising dollar, while netting me some Hefty affiliate commissions along the way!!

Be sure to always attach (tracking i.d.’s), whenever possible, to your affiliate links…as this will prove to be invaluable, when it comes to (split-testing) which ad campaigns are profitable and which ones are not!!

Then, simply, tweak and (scale-up) your profitable PPC campaigns…and deep six your unprofitable one’s.

I also like to run a (Solo-ad), email-ad-marketing Campaigns in conjunction with my PPC advertising…

I like to use (10dollar-solo-ads) for this.

Solo ads

(10dollar-solo-ads), is a sophisticated double-out-in email marketing platform that sends your email ad to thousands of fresh out-in leads.

Use targeted solo-ads to boost your earnings!!

I use the ($20) deluxe ad package here. This gives me the biggest bang for my advertising buck.

.With the ($20) deluxe 10 dollar solo ad package you get…professional ad creation, or use your own ad.

.You get (3000) new prospects mailed every week.

.(12,000) unique prospects per month

.Real-time click tracking

.Specified targeting categories

.Campaign Geo-targeting feature

.Set it, forget it feature.

When and how often should you run (PPC) and (Solo-ads) campaigns??

When building out a new site, I typically wait until the (3rd) month before I begin running dedicated (PPC) and (Solo-ad) campaigns…

As this is the time in which it takes the search engines to give you some steady rankings…

I then launch multiple, simultaneous, PPC advertising campaigns along with Solo-ad campaigns once per month…for the duration of (1) week per month…for the duration of the sites existence.

By employing the techniques listed above, you can really begin to earn steady affiliate commissions, which can be significantly (scaled-up) over time.

I hope you found some useful information within this article on PPC strategies.

If you would like to discover more ways to make money from your website traffic…or how to build your very own, Free Niche Based Website…

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Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions below…I look forward to hearing from you.

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