The Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

Wealthy Affiliate

The above image is Very Appropriate for this Review. This product is called Wealthy Affiliate…So Get Ready because this product, has truly changed my life and it can Change Yours Today!!

(WA) Product Overview:

Wealthy Affiliate was created and is owned by: (Kyle and Carson)…two very genuine people who are available to help you every step of the way.

You can even reach them for assistance anytime, through the unique (WA) Private Message feature, which is available as soon as you activate your FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Very Unique, (User- Based) Affiliate Marketing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate in (4) easy to master steps:

1. Choose an Interest

2. Build a Website (around that interest)

3. Attract Visitors(to your site)

4. Earn Revenue…

It’s really that easy…

There is tons of Very Powerful Training available. The Core of this training was created by (Kyle & Carson) and there are additional training modules added frequently by other members…

I especially enjoyed the (Online Marketing Entrepreneur Certification program).

Folks, This course has over (10) lessons, with over (5) hrs. of top-notch, (over-the-shoulder), Video Instruction…by (Kyle).

You’ll also have access to an additional (level II) Certification-Training program, as well as, a Full (Affiliate Boot camp) Arsenal of Video Training at your fingertips, once you’ve become a Premium Member.


Best affiliate marketing system

All of the training at (WA) is really quite exceptional and is (Task Driven). So, it forces you to (Take-Action) and complete each task before advancing to the next level of training…

This will give you a Great Sense of accomplishment, as you complete your tasks.

Once you’ve gotten solidly into the training at (WA) and have begun completing tasks…

Make money online training

creating your New Website, you’ll gain a New level of Confidence, all while honing your (Niche-Website-Marketing-Skills!!)

(WA) is for Everyone!!

If you have the desire to learn something New and Possess a Drive to (Take-Action) and (implement) what you’ve learned, then you will be able to achieve great success…and (WA) will help you get there!!

The instruction, in this course alone, is More than enough to get you up and running…

with your very own work form home, (Niche Website Marketing Business), which will become very profitable in short-order.

The core premise behind The (WA) way…is to Build a (Niche-specific-Website) around a particular passion or hobby you may have.

Wealthy Affiliate was created for the absolute internet marketing beginner in mind!!

You then, use your website to develop engaging, relevant content about that Niche…

and eventually promote Niche based (affiliate-products) through your site.

This is all done in an (engaging-manner), with your visitors. You are there to Help Them and encourage feedback, within your content…

You’re constantly (Adding-Value) to your site!!

The (WA) level of training is by far the Best (web-based)  affiliate marketing Training, I’ve ever seen…Bar None!!

WA is Free to Get Started, when you Sign-Up for a Wealthy Affiliate Starter account…this is good for (30) days.

Get started at WA today…

Make money online

Once you’ve signed up at Wealthy Affiliate, you can get started with your training, right-away…

You can also build (2) Absolutely Free Websites, with Free Domain Names and Hosting…

If you like what you see at WA, and I Know You Will…then upgrade your account to  a Premium Member status for only ($47) per month!!

That’s it!! No annoying Upsells…just ($47) per month and you’ll be given access to the complete Wealthy Affiliate System, forever!!

That’s very inexpensive compared to all of the (Great-Stuff) that you get, once becoming a Premium Member at WA…

You also get Unlimited Domain Names and Free Hosting for up to (25) Niche Specific Websites…that’s a Huge Value!!

Your Never Alone at Wealthy Affiliate!!

Wealthy Affiliate has Amazing Customer Support (24/7), which really has proven to be invaluable to me, since I mainly work on my websites during the overnight hours…

There’s always someone there (24/7), to answer my guestions, usually within just a few minutes!!

(WA) is also a great place to Rub-Shoulders with some of the Most Successful Affiliate Marketers in the world. There’s always engaging and interesting threads to frequent…and additional training that’s posted by WA members.

(WA) has a Great, Free Keyword-Tool!!

Wealthy Affiliate has a Fantastic Free keyword-tool, that you can use in finding (highly-searched), (low-competition) keywords to build your content around

(WA) also has a paid keyword tool…for more extensive Keyword-Research. The paid keyword tool is called (Jaaxy), costs ($19)per mo.,

which in my opinion is well worth the cost, if your serious about Building a successful online business.

Can You Really Make $$$ with (WA)?

In short, the answer to the above question is a resounding…YES, almost anyone can make a money with the (WA) system!! 

How much money is entirely up to YOU!! 

If you’re serious about learning how to make real money online and implement the strategies, techniques and all of the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides…

and YOU put in the (hard-work) of building a Quality Website…then you Will Succeed!!

You will make money from the use of this system. Once you have a Quality Website in place…scaling it up over time…your rankings will increase…you’ll get much more traffic…and you Will Earn more money!!

How much Money you’ll earn is entirely up to you!! Obviously, the more time you put in on Building Out your Niche Website the more Money you’ll Earn…

In fact, earning ($4000+) per month is not at all a stretch, once you’re up and running

Imagine what an extra ($4000+) per month could do for you…

And that’s just from one website that you’ve created at (WA)…

Imagine how much money $$$ you could earn once you have (10) Niche-Based websites in place…Fully-Functional $$$ making machines.

*Remember, when creating any Niche-Website…your primary goal is to (Help People), by providing fresh, (up-to-date), (Relevant-Content), that is engaging for your audience…*

If you follow this formula for every website that you create, then the money will follow!!

The Pros:

Wealthy Affiliate, is Truly a one-stop-shop for becoming a Successful Internet Marketer.

WA has all you need to build a Successful online business…which is streamlined and optimized for long-term success!!

(WA) provides exceptional-customer service and training…for everyone.

So, whether you’re Brand-New to Internet Marketing, or you’re a Seasoned Veteran…WA has got you covered!!

In Short…Wealthy Affiliate is an absolute Must for anyone trying to create a Successful Long-Term Work From Home Business.

The Cons:

There really aren’t any…

I guess if I was (hard-pressed) to find areas of improvement…the only thing I would recommend nis making the interface a little more (Newbie-Friendly)…

And perhaps making it a little easier to find specific training links to individual training modules…from the user’s Dashboard.

My Verdict:

Wealthy affiliate

 Wealthy Affiliate is totally Legit…and is a very powerful, fantastic product that everyone should try…it’s really a No-brainer here!!

Take Charge of your Financial Success…and get started with Wealthy Affiliate, Today!!

I sincerely hope that you’ve found this Review to be Helpful!

If you have any thoughts or comments about this Wealthy Affiliate Review…just enter them below…

I’d love to hear from you and remember…I’m always here to help.

To your Success,





  1. Hey, Great review, This is my first time to hear about Wealthy Affiliate, I think this looks real, I’m really tired of spam sites, I have spent more than $200 for nothing except lies, most of the sites there promising to get rich overnight which is impossible, i don’t see that Wealthy Affiliate promise us to get millionaire in one night which makes me feel more comfortable, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hello and Thank You for your generous comment!!

      NO, you certainly won’t find high-pressure sales tactics or exaggerated claims at Wealthy Affiliate!!

      Wealthy Affiliate, simply offers a Higher-Probability of achieving online success, with affiliate marketing…

      With a ton of top-notch training, amazing support and a friendly forum available to help and answer questions 24/7.

      And boy, do they over-deliver!!

      I’ve tried a lot of different affiliate marketing systems out there, and I can honestly say that WA is the only System I Make Money with, each and every month.

      To learn more about the Wealthy-Affiliate-Way and some fundamental strategies, to building Niche Websites…

      Click Here!!

      Please feel to reach out to me anytime…

      I’m always here to help!!

      I Wish You the Very Best in Your Online Endeavors!!

      Thanks again and have a wonderful day:)


  2. Thank you for the review on Wealthy affiliate.

    You definitely went into detail. I have been considering going into some sort of online business, I just don’t have the tools required to design websites.

    Does Wealthy affiliate help with that?

    Also, What kind of money can be made?

    I know you say it’s not a rich quick deal, but how long does it take to start earning?


    • Hello and Thank You for your kind comment!!

      Don’t worry about Not having website design skills…

      Wealthy Affiliate has got you covered, with in-depth training on WordPress Niche Website Design.

      Yes, serious money, really can be made by applying the principles Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

      How much money is entirely up to you!!

      It just comes down to how much time, you’re willing to put in…learning how to build a successful online business and applying those methods to your own Niche Website Business.

      Please Note: it will take approximately (90) days for your site to achieve optimal rankings and trust, with the search engines…

      In the meantime, you can be developing Quality-Content for your site, in the form of valuable (Niche) informational articles and (Niche) Product-Reviews.

      So, when you do hit the (90) day mark, your site will be performing at optimal levels.

      I hope I answered your questions…

      Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I’m always here to help!!


  3. I like the idea of having two previously successful tutors take you through the marketing process – I always thought it would be a little confusing overall but I guess with the right teachers you can learn anything? What is the minimum age for joining up with this lot and learning?

    • Hello, and Thank-You, for your comments and question about minimum age.

      Yes, I totally agree with you…about the exceptional training here at WA!! It’s really easy to learn this system and if “You get stuck” along the way, there’s always someone available within the Wealthy Affiliate Community to help you out!! I usually get, almost immediate answers to most of my questions.

      Building-Niche-Websites has never been easier…and WA has all of the tools at your disposal, to acheive long-term online success!!

      As far as I know there’s no minimum age requirement at WA, I’ve heard of (11) year olds building Niche Websites at WA…

      Although, Parents may have to pitch in and help the smaller kiddo’s get accounts with other companies…within the affiliate marketing industry!!

      Thanks again for the comment…and please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I’m always here to help!!

      Have a wonderful day:)



  4. I’ve been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community for two years. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I had moderate success with my online business until Google’s Panda apocalypse de-indexed all of my sites.

    Looking back, I realize now I had built my online empire on the shifting sands of poor training that taught me to try to fool the search engines. This was a strategy I had pieced together from scattered courses and eBooks from many different online marketers. It was a haphazard way to learn internet marketing and ultimately doomed to fail.

    Wealthy Affiliate taught me to cooperate with the search engines and to give them what they wanted. Imagine that! It’s so much easier to make money that way.

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