WordPress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

When it comes to (laying-out) the initial framework for your WordPress website-Design…

You have a (Huge) advantage in using WordPress Themes, to express your overall Niche Website Design.

WordPress, literally has Thousands of state of the art (Themes) available for you to choose from…

You can search (popular-themes) within the WordPress (Themes) Dashboard area, or search for a more (personal-styled theme.)

Once you’ve found the WordPress theme that works for your site, simply apply that theme and activate it and you’re all set…to start (building-out) the framework for your New Niche Website!!

There are several advantages to using WordPress themes in designing your website.

Chief among these, is that they are very user-friendly…

You can even choose to change your theme, entirely…whenever you want.

WordPress themes are optimized for enhanced website performance…

WordPress themes are (free) to select, upload and apply…

Best WordPress Themes

You can also choose to use your own theme that you’ve (downloaded) to your computer.

Simply, upload your saved (file) to your WordPress (Themes) area, located in your WP Dashboard.

I personally like using the (Hiero) theme…

I feel it has a clean look and lends itself nicely, to a very functional lay-out.

Once I have selected my theme, I then focus on creating some relevant pages.

I like to have a (7) Pages for all of my Websites. They are as follows:

1) Home Page

2) About Me Page

3) My Product Review(s) Page

4) Recent Post(s) Page

5) Resources Page

6) Privacy Policy Page

7) Disclaimer Page

These are my preferences…

I’m sure yours will be different as you move forward with your site.

However, at the Very Minimum, the Search Engine’s like to see a (Home Page) an (About Me) Page and a (Privacy Policy) Page.

if you don’t have these (Core) Pages on every site that you create…then you’re site won’t get ranked!! Which will kill your chances to earn a nice revenue-stream from your Niche Website!!

Once you have created your (Pages)…

It’s time to focus on creating Relevant Content, in the form of (Posts), on your site.

Important Note: at this point in your website design you will have to choose whether to have a (Static-Page) or a (Blog-Roll) style for your site.

I personally like to use the (Blog-Roll) option, more often than Not, as it let’s my visitors choose which (Relevant-Content) post to select.

Whichever, article(s) my reader selects, they all will eventually funnel them into a (Product-Review) of an affiliate product that I highly recommend, for that specific Niche.

And If they decide to go ahead and sign-up for, or Purchase that particular affiliate product, (through my unique affiliate link), I will earn a Commission!!

And that’s my primary goal…

To earn a nice monthly revenue stream from each Niche Website that I create!!

By Designing your Niche Website with WordPress and being sure to create a lot of Helpful, Relevant Content within your site…

Your sure to become proficient at building highly Successful Niche Websites, that will earn you a Very Nice Passive-Income for months and years to come!!

Best Niche Websites

If you would like to learn more about a Very Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tool…

That I Highly-Recommend…Click Here!!

This product is called Wealthy Affiliate…

Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

And it’s Simply, Fantastic!!

Wealthy Affiliate or (WA) is a one stop shop, for the spinning affiliate marketer!!

(WA) features the Best Comprehensive Video Training, I’ve ever seen.

It’s designed to take a Complete Beginner, to affiliate marketing, by the hand and show’s them how to Build a Successful online business, by Building Niche-Specific Websites.

You can easily be up and Running with your very own Niche Website in less than (1) Day…

Wealthy Affiliate is So, easy to use…

They even let you purchase domain names and host Up-To (25) Niche Websites on the (WA) Platform!!

It’s FREE to sign-up and test drive this amazing system for (30) days!!

Through (WA’s) Unique Site Rubix feature, you can build (2), absolutely (Free) Niche Websites…

I truly Believe in Wealthy Affiliate…

Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

Because it Produces Results!!

Get started Today for (Free)!!

I hope you found something useful in this post to apply to your own website design…

Please feel Free to leave any Questions or Comments, you may have below…

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback!!

And please remember, I’m always here to Help!!

Until Next Time!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!






  1. Hey, Really awesome article! thanks for sharing. I am thinking of building a new website and i have no idea of website themes, I thought that i have to create my own theme which is impossible to me. I’m glad that i read your post, I really gained a lot of information from you, and I think I will join wealthy affiliate and give it a try. 🙂

    • Hello and Thank You for your generous comment…it’s Greatly Appreciated!!

      I’m glad to here your thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate it’s truly an awesome affiliate marketing platform!!

      If you’d like to get started today, for FREE, just follow the link below to Get Started!!


      With Regard to choosing an appropriate theme for your site WordPress really is the way to go for this. There are plenty of great themes available through the WordPress (Themes) area, located within the WordPress Dashboard…

      I’ve always found that a subtle Relevant-Theme on a white background with black text works best.

      Thanks again, for your kind comment and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      Wishing you the Very Best, with your online endeavors.


  2. Hi,

    I’m just starting a new website and I would love to learn how to make money from it if at all possible so Wealthy Affiliate sounds interesting to me.

    I also read somewhere recently that Google is ranking websites a lot more based on the speed of the website, as well as how good they are for mobile (responsive) because more people are apparantely using Google via their mobiles now than on desktops.

    What theme do you use for this website? I really like it, it’s clean, simple and seems to load very fast.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello…and Thank You for your kind comment!! The theme I currently use for this website is called (Niero) theme. yes, I agree with you that Google’s current algorithm does take in to account the speed at which your website loads and how adaptive it is to (Mobile) optimization…

      As people utilize their smart phones for Search and purchase…more than desk top these days…(Mobile) optimization is very important, with regard to rankings…moving forward. And since Google makes up over two-thirds of all search traffic, this simply can’t be overlooked!!

      However, I think it’s important to point out, that with the construction of any new Niche Website.. Providing a good user experience along with highly-targeted, relevant Content is paramount in getting your Website ranked quicker, with all of the search engines.

      This, along with Great On-Page-SEO strategies and the submission of your websites XML-Site Map to the Search Engines themselves…will give you a huge advantage for getting your Niche Website ranked quicker.

      Thanks again for your comment…please feel free to reach out to me anytime!!



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