Affiliate Blogger Pro Product Review

Affiliate Blogger Pro

Hello, Today I thought I would Do a Product Review, from a very well Respected Internet Marketer named, Rosalind Gardner.

Rosalind Gardner has been teaching people how to make money online since 1998!!

She’s often referred to as the Queen of Affiliate Marketing.

She wrote, what some consider, is the affiliate marketing Bible several years ago…“How I Made ($436,797) Last Year, Selling Other People’s Stuff Online”…The Super Affiliate Handbook.

I purchased this book myself when I was just starting out in Affiliate Marketing…

And I can honestly say, that Rosalind’s Book helped me understand the fundamentals of affiliate-marketing and how to get started making money online.

Today, she has Released a New Product called Affiliate Blogger Pro

Affiliate Blogger Pro Review

Product Overview:

Product Name: Affiliate Blogger Pro

Product Website: affiliatebloggerpro.com

Product Creator: Rosalind Gardner

Product Price ($27) per month

Overall Rating (7/10)



Affiliate Blogger Pro, has some very good training material, designed for the beginner to affiliate marketing.

Good instructional video content.

Relatively low-price.

Good (24/7) Customer Support.


This system could easily make a beginner, feel overwhelmed with the shear volume of Training Material.

Some of the training videos are incomplete and lack some very important detailed information.

Affiliate Blogger Pro has a relatively small forum, so feedback and support can be limited.

Some of the tutorials could contain more detailed Affiliate Marketing Strategies.

Course Description:

Let me just first start off by saying, that I have a lot of respect for Rosalind Gardner, who has helped countless people learn How to Make Real-Money Online, over the years.

Affiliate Blogger Pro was designed for the beginner in mind and features a (10) Module step-by-step Training Program, with over (150) training videos and (225+) actual screenshots…

And contains examples of Real affiliate marketing websites, that are making money online, today!!

Affiliate-Blogger-Pro also features an online community albeit, a rather small one.

This system shows you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to earn money online, selling other people’s stuff.

The core of the training is very good and shows you how to promote other people’s products through unique affiliate-links.

The major downside I see with this product, is that the training is not sequential in nature. It’s very easy for a beginner to get overwhelmed and feel lost.

The instructional-material needs to be more step-by-step, with Nothing left out!

The forum members do provide feedback and answer questions, though it may take some time to get answers to specific questions.

Final Thoughts:

Affiliate Blogger Pro is a relatively good and honest Affiliate Marketing System, with good intentions in mind.

The training could be a little more complete, with additional detail being added to some of the video content.

This course does show people how to make money online, but is limited in advanced strategies and techniques.

Much of the instructional material can be found online, by anyone, for free.

The product price is cheap enough to purchase this product and give it a try for yourself.

A beginner in affiliate marketing will gain a good understanding of how affiliate marketing works and the fundamentals of the bussiness model.

I give this product a (7) out of (10).

If you’d like to learn more about a great- alternative to Affiliate Blogger Pro…

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I’m referring to a Top-Notch affiliate marketing product called, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate or (WA), as it’s often referred to was created by my friends (Kyle & Carson)…

Best affiliate marketing system

Two very genuine and honest individuals, who wanted to design an Affiliate-Marketing-Platform that would be a one-stop-shop of sorts, for the (beginner-advanced) affiliate marketer.

(WA) has tons of training available that was designed to take you by the hand and show you the complete affiliate marketing business-model from A to Z.

Wealthy Affiliate has Excellent over-the-shoulder Video Training for every level…

And even features a top-notch Online Entrepreneur Certification program…

Affiliate Marketing Trainong

And a Very Powerful (Affiliate-Bootcamp) course, as well.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

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(WA) also boasts the largest-affiliate marketing forum online, with great members, who are there to give you (24/7) support and feedback every step of the way!!

Wealthy-Affiliate, even let’s you purchase and host you’re own domain names, through their unique platform…

Which is a (Huge-Advantage), as Wealthy Affiliate Maintains all of the technicalities within your site, while ensuring a very high level of security and Google indexing.

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I sincerely hope you found something useful in this article.

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback, just drop me a Note below…

And I’ll get back to you right-away!!

I’m always here to help…





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