Internal Linking Strategies…

Internal Linking Strategies

Today, I would like to discuss the benefits of having a good Internal-linking strategy in place for your Niche Website.

Like it or not, (internal-linking) is the Future of all SEO…

The Future of SEO

It’s been proven time and again, that you have to have your site on page (1) of Google Search results…if you want a large portion of Organic-Traffic.

In fact, it should be your goal to dominate (1) of the first (3) positions on page (1) of Google, or all of those positions!!

The more Organic Traffic your Niche Website generates, the more credibility your site will receive, with all of the search engines, Google being paramount!!

Google SEO

Internal Linking plays a large part in this…

Long-Gone, are the days of putting up a Static-page and receiving any organic traffic!!

It amazes me just how many great looking websites fail to employ any internal-linking strategy, whatsoever!!

You’re hurting your site if you’re not employing an internal-linking strategy!!

It’s very easy really!! Simply, make sure that you generate internal links on every (page/post) of your WordPress Niche Website…in a relevant subtle way.

And you’ll be sure to gain, almost instantaneous credibility and indexing for your site.

How to Build an effective Internal-Linking Strategy…

I always try to incorporate my links within my content in a subtle way, using relevant-text, that will naturally link my visitors to additional, relevant content throughout my Niche Website.

The actual mechanics of doing this within your WordPress website is very easy…

I simply select a (page/post), from my WordPress Dashboard and select the (edit) option…

Wordpress Dashboard

The page/post will then open up in the WordPress (text/html) editor…

Wordpress Editor

Then I simply highlight the (text) that I wish to create a link for…

I then (click) on the (link) icon, located at the top of the text editor…

A link field will open up, above that text…

I then enter the desired location URL, where I want to link my visitors, within my site.

And that’s it you’ve just created an internal link to more Great, Relevant Content…that you’re visitors can read!!

The more you employ internal-linking within your website content…

The more organic traffic and trust your site will receive!!

Believe me, the Search engine’s will see it and your (indexing) will almost immediately increase!!

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I sincerely hope that you found something useful in this short post on internal linking for your website!!

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Please feel free to leave any questions or feedback below…I really enjoy hearing from my readers and you can be assured that I’ll get back to you Right-away!!

Thanks again for reading and have a wonderful day!!






  1. Thanks for explaining internal linking strategies so clearly. When I first made my website, I didn’t link any of the posts internally but have since gone back and created internal links.

    Also, I found that if I have a few longer posts about core subjects it’s easy to link other posts to them. For example, if I have a core post about Multi-level marketing in general and then write about specific MLM companies in other posts, it’s easy natural to link from the specific posts back to the general MLM post.

    • Hello and Thank You for your recent comment… I totally agree with you that by having a few core posts, it’s really a lot easier to link additional shorter posts to those (core-concept) articles.

      In addition to linking to those (core) articles we can link to those great (Product-Review) pages where we can really be creative to our affiliate promotions.

      Thanks again for your kind comment…have a wonderful day!!



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