“Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter” Product Review

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I was recently asked by a regular visitor to (Makemoneyonlinepatrol.com) to write a product review on “Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter” – 12 Month Course.

Product Overview:

Product Title: “Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter” – 12 Month Course

Product Medium: e-mail delivery

Product Price: ($27)monthly(R)

Product Owner: Roy Carter

Overall Product Rating: (6/10)

The Pros:

Some Good Information here, from a trusted name in affiliate marketing.

The Con’s:

This is a long course (52) weeks…that’s core premise is (hot-linking). Search engines don’t like this!!

You will also be leaving a lot of Money on the Table, if you don’t have a (Niche-Website) in place…as your primary promotional platform.

The (Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter) sales page is pretty basic with the seemingly, obligatory (up-front) video, that explains how his affiliate marketing course is different than any other… 

He also uses an annoying (hover-pop-up) that appears every few minutes!!

The core of Roy Carter’s system is to give his students one simple task to perform…for (52) weeks!

Requiring you to spend (3) hrs. Per week, fulfilling the each task.

Each task is delivered to you via e-mail, with a instructional download-link.

The main focus of these (52) tasks, is to promote your chosen affiliate-link(s) through a variety of (hot-linking) strategies…

For those of you who may not know, (hot-linking) is done through direct promotion of an (affiliate-link), to that Vendors’ (Raw-Sales) Page.

through a variety of promotional methods..

Some of which are just too high-pressure!!

Search Engines do not like this…and you won’t get any rankings if you build an affiliate landing page that uses this Strategy!!

It’s far better to have a (Niche Website) in place and to promote your affiliate products through that site, from Product-Review (pages/posts).

Affiliate Marketing Product Review

Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter, does provide some helpful information on different ways that you can promote affiliate-links…

Like (PPC), or Paid e-mail campaigns.

But it’s not enough to build a Successful Online Business, in a very (short-period) of time…

This system, alone isn’t enough to generate adequate Monthly-income…

and the course, itself, just takes too-long to complete…

We want to learn how to make money online in, the (shortest-amount) of time, possible…

And actually…See the money begin to roll in, as a result of our efforts !!

you won’t be seeing any significant income from the use of this course alone…

And you sure won’t see any money coming in right-away!! It’s gonna take a full year!!

Because the (hot-linking) strategy just doesn’t work anymore…

It’s just too-hard to get the (conversions), without doing a solid Review of the Product.

Think about it for a moment…

Whenever you’re considering purchasing a new-product, let’s say a make money online product.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do before you buy??

You guessed it!!

You’re going to research that particular, (make money online) product, before you commit your hard-earned money into purchasing that course!!

And you’re going to look for Honest, Product Reviews of that particular product…

Creating product reviews

And if you end up deciding to purchase that product, you’ll want to get it for the lowest-price possible.

That’s where the Product-Review, comes into play…

Chances are, whoever the affiliate is, that created the (review) on your prospective make money online product…

will provide you a (link), through which you can purchase that course, for the lowest-price!!

And that’s how you make money online in today’s online world!!

Simply, drive as much traffic as possible to your Successful Online-Marketing Campaigns…

And you will soon find that you’ll be able to quit your day job within (6) months!!

As an alternative to the Affiliate Marketing with Roy Carter product…

Let me tell you about a very Successful Affiliate Marketing Product, that has more than (1,000,000) members.

I’m talking about a Very Powerful Affiliate Marketing Platform designed with the beginner in mind.

I’m talking about, Wealthy Affiliate!!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate is the only affiliate marketing system that I recommend…

Because it works!!

In a very short amount of time I might add!!

Wealthy Affiliate was created by my friends, (Kyle & Carson)…

Best affiliate marketing system

Two, very smart and very ethical people, who are only interested in seeing their students Succeed at Creating their Very Own, Successful Online Businesses!!

Wealthy Affiliate, or (WA) as it is commonly referred to…is a State of the Art Affiliate Marketing Platform, Full of (top-notch), over the shoulder Video Tutorial Training…

Which takes you by the hand and shows you the exact methods to build a Successful Online Business…in today’s world.

To learn more about this amazing system red my Wealthy Affiliate Review..


Click Here…

and Start earning Money with Wealthy Affiliate today!!

I hope you found something useful in this Review…

I look forward to your feedback!!

Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you right-away!!

Thanks for Reading…and I wish you Great Success in all of your online endeavors.





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