Alternative Traffic Strategies

How to Get Free Traffic

How to Get Free Traffic???

That’s the question everyone wants to know…”How to get FREE traffic to my website?”

Well there are many schools of thought on this topic…all I can tell you is how I approach this topic…

I prefer to use alternative strategies to getting Free Traffic to any website that I build.

I hear from people all the time who consistently target (very-competitive-keywords) that get (1,000’s) of clicks per month…and develop most, if not all of their content around those keywords…

They all have one thing in common…they can’t understand why they’re not getting ranked-higher in the search engines and consequently aren’t getting very many conversions, if any at all.

In fact, the only way they’re getting most of their conversions is through (paid-traffic) techniques…which, at best only puts them in a (break-even) scenario with regards to the cost of creating and managing their website.

All of these people are missing out on the best ways to get FREE traffic to their site.

Target (Low-Competition) Keywords

I personally choose to take an easier approach to getting rankings and concentrate on getting free (organic) traffic.

I develop (relevant-content) around (low-competition) keywords, that get at least (60) clicks per month…Instead of chasing the (high-competition) keywords that get (1,000) clicks per month…


The answer is quite simple…you just won’t get ranked if you concentrate on the (high-competition) keywords…even if they do get (100) clicks per day.

Because the purpose of getting ranked in the first place, is to get on Page (1) of Google, Yahoo and Bing (search-results)…isn’t it??

Well your not going to get Page (1), by targeting and developing content around (high-competition) keywords…

Because people , by and large, just don’t click beyond page (1) in their respective-search results.

So, even if your ranked at position (1) on page (2) of the search results…you’re not going to get any (click-throughs) and consequently, aren’t going to get any traffic.

Oh sure, occasionally people click through to page (2), or even page (3) of their results…but not very often…certainly not worth the cost of trying to get ranked for those (high-competition keywords).

I always try to target (low-competition) keywords with under (100) QSR (quality-search-result) score…that get at least (60) clicks per month.

I then develop highly-relevant, helpful (optimized-content) around those keywords…

Getting Free Traffic

Getting Free Traffic

I always find, that within a relatively short amount of time that I’m getting (higher-traffic-ratings)…over-all, higher rankings, usually page(1) or (2) of Google, within (4) months…which result in a higher conversion rate.

Isn’t that really our goal here anyway?? That and ALWAYS providing a good experience, with helpful relevant-content for the user??

Of course to do all of this, you’re going to have to have some help!!

You’re going to have to have a Great (keyword-tool) to help you find those (low-competition) keywords to develop content around, in the first place.

Your going to need a keyword tool that helps you develop (keyword-lists) with accurate competition rankings and (dig) features but-in…

There’s a very helpful tool that I’ve found to help me do all of this in a very streamlined fashion. This is a keyword tool called (Jaaxy).

Jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy, is simply the Best Keyword Tool I’ve ever seen…

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy was developed by (Carson) and (Kyle)…the owners of (Wealthy Affiliate)

Which is the finest (Niche-Based Website Creation Community) online.

Jaaxy, helps you find those (low-competition) keywords much quicker.

Simply enter a keyword phrase in the (Jaaxy) search bar…and Jaaxy will give you all of the relevant keywords for that search, complete with very relevant data points for those keywords…

Jaaxy will tell you the (QSR) or the (quality search result) rating for each keyword. Ideally, you strive for under (100)QSR, with more than (60) clicks per month.

Keyword Tool

Those types of keywords are ideal for achieving faster rankings with the search engines. Develop quality content around these keywords…and you will start to see real results…

Jaaxy also has a great (dig) feature that allows you to perform additional research on specific keywords.

This is great for developing additional (keyword lists), to build relevant content around.

Jaaxy is a paid keyword tool…with a cost of ($19) per month but is well worth the small investment…when you see the positive results that it can help you achieve.

In additional to building your site out with (highly-optimized), relevant (low-competition-keywords)…

you should try to add content to your site (daily) for the first three months…

The time that it takes to get a break-out with the search engines.

If you can’t add content daily, then (2) to (3) times per week will be sufficient, again…in the first (3) months of your sites creation.

It’s a lot easier if you go into each (website-build) planning on having (100) (posts/pages) of (highly-targeted), relevant and helpful (low- competition) keyword content.

Just remember, the hard work that you put in now…will pay off (Big-Time)…three or four months down the road. How to get internet traffic

These strategies, will work for any Nice-based Website Build.

If you implement these traffic strategies with every website that you build. You will achieve success!!

I hope you enjoyed this article on Alternative Traffic Strategies. If you have any questions or comments…please leave them below…

I look forward to hearing from you…and please remember that I’m always here to help!

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