Building a Successful Niche Website part (1)

Niche Website

People ask me, all the time…”how do I build a Successful Niche Website”…that actually Makes Good Money??

So, today I thought I’d walk you through the steps that I take to “build out” a Successful Niche Website.

This is Part (1), of a (2) part Mini-Course.

(Beginner’s Course)

The (first) thing I do is choose a (Niche) to build my website around.

For those of you having some trouble choosing a Niche…

I have recently created a post on How to Choose the Right Niche.

Read it here…

Choosing a niche

I also want to have a few good (affiliate- product) in mind, that I would like to promote on my site.

This is how your Niche Website will Generate income over time…

How your site incorporates these (affiliate product promotions) is very important and will be covered in greater detail in the next lesson.

After I’ve chosen my Niche, I determine what (theme) to apply and what (direction) I would like to take with my New Niche Website.

I try and think about (what the needs of my audience are)…and begin building the framework and initial (pages/posts) around those needs.

I get quite a lot of information on what my audience needs are…by simply performing several (Google Searches) and analyzing those search results.

Google is your Friend here!!

Google search

Now it’s time to select my domain name, the actual (URL), for my site.

Again, people tend to freak-out at this point…they get (analysis-paralysis).

Listen, don’t over-think this…

Choose a good (keyword-rich) domain name that is not too broad, but gets plenty of (targeted-traffic).

Don’t worry if you think it might be (too- competitive)…you’ll be creating a ton of Quality Content, targeting (lower-competition) keywords…which will get your site ranked soon enough!!

You can purchase a quality domain-name for under ($15) dollars…

I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate as your domain registrar…you can purchase and host up to (25) domain names at Wealthy Affiliate…as a Premium Member.

No headaches of having to reset name servers and having a separate hosting account.

Wealty affiliate

Once, I have my domain name and hosting setup… I determine the (theme) and (direction) that I want to take my site…

I then begin to do a lot of (Keyword) research, as it relates to my Niche.

There are several (Free keyword tools) available to do this…such as Google’s Free Keyword tool…(Keyword Planner). You get estimated, (broad) and (phrase- match) traffic data here.

There is also a great Free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate…which is a Fantastic Niche Website Creation platform.

There is also a Fantastic (Paid) Keyword Tool called (Jaaxy), it costs ($19) per month, it’s the keyword tool that I use…and I love it!!

Jaaxy keyword tool

Jaaxy, has a lot of features that make Keyword-Research a breeze…and very easy to find (low-completion) keywords for any Niche.

Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate is the only Niche Website Creation platform that I use

I purchase and host all of my domains at Wealthy Affiliate…as a premium member…

This is a powerful system that (Supercharges) all of my websites from the very beginning!!

I Love Wealthy Affiliate!!

Click Here to Learn More…

Anyway, back to the Niche Website Creation process…

I always use the (WordPress) platform to build my sites. WordPress is recognized world-wide as the (#1) website creation platform.

WordPress provides incredible tools to help optimize your site and make it the best it can be!!

A word about WordPress Plugins…

Plugins help protect your site and ensure that things run smoothly…

Without getting too-technical…you will need to install a few WordPress Plugins, to ensure that your site is protected and runs smoothly.

You will need to install the (Jetpack) plugin for security.

You will also need to install the (All-in-one) SEO plugin for optimized content

You will need to install the (Google XML-Site map) plug-in, as well and submit that Site-map to Google…more on this later.

Finally, you will need to install the (Akismet) plugin, as a Spam blocker…

Please note: that you’ll have create an Akismet account and enter the product key-code for this to be fully activated.

These are the minimum plugins that you have to install and activate on your site…

There are many more plugins you can install, once you begin to build out your site.

Be aware, the more plugins that you install, the longer it takes for your site to load…

this can be annoying for some visitors and may cause them to leave your site if the load time is too-long.

I then begin building the framework…the pages, formatting and overall lay-out of my site.

I usually include a (home-page), an (about me) page and a (privacy policy page)…

these are the essential pages you’ll need to move forward with your site.

I also include some supporting pages, such as a (Resource) Page, or a (Product Review) page.

As my site develops I can ad to these or re-arrange them, at any time.

Once that is completed, I begin to develop content.

I always make sure that my content is of high (Quality) and that it is (Highly Relevant) to my Niche.

For example, if I were building a website on (how to stay lean and fit after 50)…I would develop highly Relevant, Quality Content for that (target-audience).

I would create several (low-competition) targeted keyword posts, which would discuss in Great detail the steps one should take in order to stay fit after 50.

Just off the top of my head…I can come up with several types of posts that I could create…

I could write several articles on important (nutritional guidelines) that people over 50 should consider

I could also write posts on (exercise regimen) for people ove 50.

I could even create articles discussing the importance of (walking) to stay fit…

So, you see its very easy to come up with content creation ideas…

again use Google for this…you’ll find a ton of free information on your topic, from simply performing several (targeted keyword searches)…and use the results to help develop further content.

(Do Not Copy) any content…this will Destroy any possible success for your site!!

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use ideas to develop content around a particular post that you read on how to choose the best (baby-stroller) for your baby…

Be unique and Creative with your content…it’s really pretty easy, once you get going!!

Well, we’ve covered a lot in this first lesson, on How to Build a Successful Niche Website, that actually makes money.

Next were going to be learning how to set up our (affiliate-promotions) and how to strategically integrate these promotions, within our content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first lesson…and found some useful information.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I’ll get back to you right-away.

And Remember, I’m always here to help!!

See you in part (2),



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