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I was recently asked by a makemoneyonlinepatrol.com visitor…

Can you really make money online with Fusion cash.net, or is it just another scam??

So today, I thought I would do a thorough product review of (Fusion cash.net) and give you the skinny on whether or not this product is worth anyone’s time!!

Fusion Cash Review

Product Overview:

Product Name: Fusion Cash

Product Website: fusioncash.net

Product Owner: No Product Owner listed

Product Price: ($0) to join**

Overall Rating: 2/10

**Please Note…once you sign-up for these (free-trial) offers with Fusion Cash, which requires a credit card, you will be billed each month for the offer!!

**Be Aware, Very Aware!!**

Let me just say right-off, you can make a little money with this product…but just know, that you’ll have to do a mix of No credit card offers, along with some credit-card-required, sign-up offers.

Fusion Cash offers you ($5), just for signing-up…

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Real money ($5) that you can use for paid offer sign-ups or you can save it, until you reach the ($25) threshold, the point at which you can withdraw your money…

Or have it transferred directly to your bank account.

In addition, to this…you also have to be very aware, that some of these offers will require you to link-up a bank account in your name, so they can deposit money from these offers, into your account.

I would advise you to Never Do this!!…Since these vendors will have access to your bank account and routing number, so they could potentially Empty your account at any time!!

Now I’m not saying that Fusion Cash will have a program that will steel your money, you just got to be very careful, with these type of programs!!

Do your research before joining any of these programs!!

Fusion Cash also has additional programs, which you can apply for, like…

  • Paid-per-click
  • Radio programs
  • Paid to Search
  • Videos
  • Shopping
  • Friend Referral

Again, just keep in mind that many of these programs will require a credit card, or bank info…to sign-up!!

Final thoughts:

In the end, you can make a little money with Fusion Cash and programs like it…but it’s really Not enough to make it worth your while!!

And the potential downside of having to provide very personal information and bank account link-ups, and credit card required, for offers…make it a very unattractive system.

I only give Fusion Cash a (2/10) overall performance rating!!

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I hope you enjoyed this Fusion Cash product review and found some helpful information along the way…

I look forward to any and all feedback, you may have!!

Just drop a note below and I’ll get back to you right-away!!

If you havea “make money online” product, that you’d like me to do a Review on…

Just leave the Product Name below…

And I’ll be sure to include it in an upcoming post!!

Thanks again for visiting Makemoneyonlinepatrol.com

Have a Wonderful day!!



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