Leads Leap 2.0, Product Review

Leads Leap 2.0 Product Review

Today I’ll be doing a Product Review on Leads Leap 2.0 and will show you in detail how this system works and whether or not you can really make money online with this system??

Product Overview:

Product Name: Leads Leap 2.0

Product Website: www.leadsleap.com

Product Owner: Kenneth Koh

Product Price: Free to get started, ($27) per month (Pro-Upgrade)

Overall Ranking: 6/10


“Leads Leap” was first introduced back in late 2008…and has since been repackaged & updated then (re-released) in the spring of 2016.

Leads leap is a (context-ads) based affiliate marketing platform, that is a little-complex for beginner’s and should only be used once you have established a solid online business.

The business model itself is quite interesting, you make money by earning credits and then use those credits to advertise your ads on the proprietary Leads Leap Network…

Where your ads will be displayed on other network members websites.

As a Premium Member, you’ll also be participating in a (4000) member (Revenue-Sharing) upline and downline system.

Your ads will appear on other members websites…but remember that this program is a two way street, meaning, that other people’s ads will be placed on your site!!

This is a problem for me, I want control of what ads are placed on my Niche Website…I don’t want my site to appear Spammy in any way!!

I also don’t like having ads placed on my website, where visitors can click on them and leave my site…unless I want them to!!

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Another disadvantage I see with this product, is that all of the ads are in the (How to Make Money Online Niche), so if this isn’t your Niche, then these ads won’t be applicable for your site!!

Leads Leap 2.0 does have adequate customer-support, through their network…

and they do have some additional-tools available to stream line this (ad-creation/ad-placement) process.

Leads Leap 2.0 is completely free to join and has a one-time (Premium Member) upgrade which costs ($27) per month.

Leads Leap 2.0 Review


I give Leads Leap a (6/10) for my final rating.

This product is just Not for me, although There is potential for making a little money here…if you’re o.K. with the disadvantages that we’re previously discussed.

I just don’t like the lack of control and the (Spammy-Feeling) that I have with this system.  I feel that there’s just too-much risk of people (clicking-away) from my site…

For the money I would earn in return!!

But…Leads Leap 2.0 is Free to start with and (30) days should be more than enough time to decide if this (contextual-ad-based) traffic system is right for you?

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how much money…is entirely up to you!!

I hope you enjoyed this short Product-Review on Leads Leap 2.0…

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments that you may below…I really enjoy hearing from my readers and I will get back to you right-away!!

Have a wonderful day:):)



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