(Scaling) Your Niche Website…

Scaling Your Niche Website

Adding scale to your Niche Website is extremely important, for sustaining long-term success!@

There are many, many ways to go about scaling our website…but in the end it’s all about (ramping-up) all of our successful affiliate-campaigns and maximizing our conversions.

Isolate Successful Affiliate-Campaigns

Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Whenever I add scale to my Niche Website, I always Isolate the most successful affiliate campaigns and begin to build those campaigns out, while (deep-sixing) any campaigns that are not yielding any conversions.

Through the process of good A/B Split-Testing techniques…it will become very apparent, very quickly, which (paid-campaigns) are producing the highest number of conversions…

A/B split testing

Then I simply increase my advertising budget for those successful campaigns!!

As my website gains age and builds trust and credibility with the Search engines this will lead to a substantial increase in Organic Traffic, as well!!

Adding scale to any Niche Website can be Very Powerful and Very Profitable, when done correctly!!

You owe it to yourself to continually split-test and research more keywords and keyword groups…in order to effectively, monitor your advertising dollar.

Paid advertising online

I like to use a combination of pay-per-click, (PPC) advertising and paid-email advertising, when I start to promote my Affiliate Product Review landing pages.

I then carefully track the results of each campaign.

I continually monitor the performance of my keywords associated with each paid advertising campaign and make the necessary adjustments, as needed, to maximize my conversions…

All while stretching my advertising dollar.

Leveraging the Power of Bingads

Using Bingads

I prefer (Bingads) over (Google-Adwords), when it comes to building-out my (PPC) campaigns.

Bingads is much easier to use, which is great for beginner’s…

And Bingads is much cheaper than Google Adwords!!

Creating a (PPC) ad-campaign with Bingads is easy…

Simply, create a (free) account at Bingads, login and you’ll be prompted right away to create your first ad-campaign.

Click on the (Create Campaign) tab and you’ll be taken to the campaign creation area…

Creating a Bingads campaign

Where you’ll be assigning your ad-campaign a (Name), this will only be seen by you, so put a title that relates to the actual Niche or affiliate product that you’re promoting.

Then you’ll be giving your campaign a (Title), this will be the Title that will be displayed in the Search results.

You have a very limited number of characters that you can use for your campaign title, so give it some thought.

Next, you’ll be creating the (text-body) for your ad. You’ll only be allowed (75) characters for this, so again give this some serious thought!!

When creating my ad text I always try to conversationally place some relevant keywords in here…from my (ad-group) keyword list.

Next will be the (Display URL), this will be seen in the Search results. You will be given (35) characters for this, so you might have to use a link shortener, like Bit.ly

Finally you will enter the (Destination URL), this is the URL that your traffic is actually taken to, when they click on your ad.

Next you’ll enter the desired keywords that you want associated with your Bingads campaign.

Simply, enter some (relevant-keywords) in the Search box provided…select all of the keywords that apply to your campaign…

Or you can import a keyword list that you’ve already prepared.

Please do some good keyword research here, as it will be very important to achieving desired results.

I highly recommend using a (Quality-Keyword-Tool) for this!!

(Jaaxy), is the ONLY keyword tool I recommend…and it’s the one I use to find those (low-hanging) fruit keywords that really make my campaigns successful!!

Free Keyword Tool

Jaaxy, has the best research metrics that really let you drill down to find more targeted keywords that have a (QSR), (quality-search-result score), associated with them.

To learn more about Jaaxy…

(((Click Here)))

You then can use the New Bingads Keyword planner to track the results of specific keywords…

Bingads keyword planner

(Scaling-up) your budget for successful keywords, while deleting unsuccessful terms altogether.

Next you’ll enter the desired country, in which you want your new ad to be displayed. I always start out by selecting, only, the (U.S.) for this…

Until I get some worthwhile data to track and see how my campaign is performing. I may add additional countries, as I make adjustments to my campaign down the road.

You can even select what times you want your add to be displayed.

Finally, you will assign a (Daily-Budget) for your campaign…

I always start out with ($7) per day…and can increase this after I get some useful data that will show me how my campaign is performing.

Just remember to continually monitor the performance of your (ad-campaigns), make adjustments where necessary and you’re sure to be Successful with Bingads!!

And that’s it, you just created your first, Successful Bingads Campaign…Congratulations!!

Paid-Email advertising

Paid email marketing

The next way I like to promote my affiliate Product Review pages is through Paid E-mail marketing.

I like to use (Solo-ads) for this…

I specifically prefer to use (10 Dollar Soloads) for this

10 dollar solo ads


They’re (super-easy) to create, you can choose the plan that fits your budget, create your small ad, track the results…

Scaling-up your successful campaigns and deep-sixing the unsuccessful ones altogether!!

I love using 10 Dollar Soloads, they’ve been around since 1999 and they really know how to send massive mailings that will get results!!

These are just a couple of very easy ways that you can ad scale to your Niche Website!!

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I sincerely hope you found something useful in this short article on how to add scale to your Niche Website…

Please feel free to ask me any questions or leave any comments you ma have below.

I love hearing from my readers and will always reply to your comments right-away!!

Thanks again for visiting makemoneyonlinepatrol.com and have a wonderful day!!






  1. I will work on the strategy of adding scale to my website, something i never thought of before. We learn everyday just by going through reviews, post and the rest because right now i just heard of bingads reading your article. Looks like i will try it out. Thanks for the info!

    • Hello and Thank You for your kind comment…Yes Bingads is really an excellent alternative to Google-Adwords and is really a Great way to add scale to any Niche Website!! I hope you have great success with Bingads and all of your online endeavors!!

      Please feel free to reach out to me anytime..thanks again and have a wonderful day!!



  2. I couldn’t help noticing the section you have here on email marketing – something that seems very appealing to me as I have a list already!
    The problem I have is bothering people – if I keep sending info about my niche website won’t they get a bit sick of me?
    Is there any way around this that you know of?

    • Hello, and Thank You for you comment re: email marketing…

      Yes email marketing is a great way to add revenue to your online business. Especially if you already have a relatively loyal list…

      I really don’t worry about bothering my customers as long as I don’t over-do-it, with my contacts, usually once or twice a week is acceptable, being sure no to come across SPAMMy in any way.

      I also like to add the benefit of using paid email marketing…(Soloads), as this will increase my target audience greatly…and hopefully conversions as well.

      Thanks again for your comment and be sure to check out other great nuggets on how to make good money online by building your very own Niche Website Empire…

      Have a wonderful day:):)



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